Traveling to Bali

Many people ask us how long it takes to get to bali, especially those in the States. And while it is a fairly long travel day to get down to Bali from the US, it is fairly painless and there are plenty of exciting things to see and do along the way. Here’s a short video that covers the trip from the west coast of the US, down to Bali, which usually will average out to be about a 20 hr travel day/period depending on which airline you fly and which route you take.

Video Transcript:

Hey this is Jason from, and I wanted to make a short video for you about the trip you’re going to be taking if you’re flying from the States, down to Bali.

Now generally you’ll be leaving from the west coast, from Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO) flying to either Taipei (TPE) or Hong Kong (HKG) which is roughly about a 13-15 hr flight depending on which route you fly. Then from there you’ll have a short layover, usually around 3 or 4 hours, again just depending on what specific airline that you booked through and which route you are going to be taking.

It’ll go quick as any of these airports that you fly through are very nice and modern.  Very cool architecture, lots to see and great wifi throughout the whole place so you can be in touch with those back home and with us if you need to.

From there you will fly directly from Taipei to Bali, which is another about 5 hr flight. Or you may fly through Singapore (SIN) if you’re coming from Hong Kong. Now those are the most common routes; another route is you could fly through Australia and then up to Bali, which is again about the same time (coming from the US) with a 14 hr-ish flight, followed by a 5-6 hr flight into Bali (DPS).

Once you arrive in Bali and you come out of the airport, you’ll see one of our drivers with your name on a sign just like this. This is actually right outside the Bali airport, and it will generally be you and maybe  few other of the retreat members on the card.

“We’re in Bali!!”

Our driver will take you from the airport on about a 2 hr car ride up to Ubud. This drive will go quick as there is lots to see. Instantly you’ll be able to tell that you’re in cool new exotic foreign land.

Once you arrive in Ubud, you’ll immediately be able to check in. You’ll then be surrounded by beautiful lush green gardens where you’ll be staying for the duration of the retreat. This is where you’ll be able to unpack, unwind, get your bearings and relax for a bit. You can maybe go enjoy the grounds, take a walk around and take in the beautiful setting that you’re going to be living in for the next week.

There is also several pools throughout the property where you can jump in, cool off and will be there for you to enjoy at any time during your stay.

As we get close towards the afternoon evening, everyone will meet up for dinner. We won’t have our little monkey friend there, but we will eat at the beautiful Ananda dinner where we will have a traditional Balinese buffet set-up for a meet and greet with everyone in the retreat.

After a short intro dinner, and everyone hanging out getting to know each other, it’s off to bed as we’ll be up bright and early to start our first day in this yoga retreat.

So as you can see, it’s an easy trip that will go quick! It’s going to be very exciting and we know YOU are going to have a blast, we’ll see you there!

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