Bali Yoga Retreat Testimonials


“I had the life-changing opportunity to visit Bali with Heidi Shurtz on one of her amazing yoga retreats. Words and pictures alone truly cannot describe the experience of immersing yourself in the rich beauty of Bali. Mind and body connection through yoga and meditation, exploring temples, witnessing Balinese rituals and celebrations, almost daily massages, nourishing ourselves with amazing raw food and juice bars to fine dining, celebrating life with great wine and conversation, and one of my favorite memories, dancing on tables in Balinese pants without a care in the world. I arrived with one dear friend and left with many. If I could travel the world on yoga retreats, I truly would! The experiences, connections, and memories are treasures I will always hold within my heart.” –Alexis Brausa, TX, USA

TwoFishFavicon“I had a spectacular time in Bali and would like to compliment you on taking care of ALL moving parts and details that I personally HATE!  From airport transfers, accommodations, yoga classes, massages, boat tickets, water activities, shopping, eating and drinking experiences, I was always in the right place at the right timeYour organizational skills are spot on and I loved not having to think for myself on vacation. Isn’t that what it’s all about?  The island people and my travel mates, were warm and friendly, the water is warm, clear and Bali blue.  And the Bintangs were cold and huge!  The  only change that I would make is to reduce the humidity  and heat index,  but since you’re not God, and Bali is on the equator, I guess the trip was perfect 🙂 Thanks for the great memories.” – Laura Glatthorn, San Diego, CA

testimonial bali yoga retreat
TwoFishFavicon“I had always wanted to go to Bali but never thought it was a reality. Heidi’s yoga retreat gave me the ability to experience Bali and deepen my yoga practice. Heidi’s immense knowledge of Bali and the culture enables her to lead an amazing retreat and embrace the true spirit of Bali. The retreat was setup that anyone from a beginner to an experienced yogi would enjoy and deepen their yoga practice. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to experience Bali.” –
Kathryn Wicks, San Diego, CA


Heidi and the retreat team did an OUTSTANDING job on all of the details!! I don’t think we would have enjoyed the trip to Bali as much as we did without your invaluable assistance. They take on the role not only as a yoga instructor but as a travel guide which offers much more than most would ever do! The lodging was excellent and absolutely top notch. It was crucial for comfort sake to have air conditioning! I did much better than I thought I was going to in the yoga classes. The instructors are GREAT, which makes me want to get yoga involved again! I liked Heidi’s instruction and alternate poses for us “older folks” and more importantly the pace. It was just right, strenuous but not too much. A workout and a great stretch and meditative without feeling you were constantly behind and unable to participate. The scheduling and activities were very good and all the place you chose to see and eat were great. Overall, it was a Wonderful trip and we had a great time! – Tim and Kerry Pontrelli, San Diego, CA

TwoFishFavicon“Bali was the best experience. I loved it! Love that Heidi-Brooke-Jason! Great team and energy!”– Rain Hartman, Encinitas, CA

TwoFishFavicon“Loved practicing yoga in beautiful Bali…it just seemed right. Morning practice in the open-air yoga salon overlooking the rice paddies was simply unforgettable!  Loved the variety of meditations-I learned so much! Loved the prana breathing exercises as well.” -Jane Lewis, Seattle, WA

TwoFishFavicon“Both Heidi and Brooke had great dialogue, loved brooks tonality during meditation, really enjoyed the prana day one, loved the challenge of the last class. All the classes left me wanting more, energized and in love with life and yoga!!” – Wendy Schubert, San Francisco, CA

TwoFishFavicon“I loved the yoga, the people, the food and how inexpensive everything was.”-Anonymous

TwoFishFavicon“Heidi, Jason, and Brooke put together an amazing trip. The yoga practice was in a beautiful setting and led by teachers who are among the best I have ever taken a class from. Outside of yoga, the adventures we went on were fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone, at any level of yoga experience.” -Sandra Castro, Encinitas, CA

TwoFishFavicon “I really did love every part of the yoga practice.”-Anonymous

TwoFishFavicon“This was an incredible experience. Thank you for putting it together. Love you guys!” -Molly Ford, San Francisco, CA

TestimonialsHere’s what Heidi’s students think of her abilities as a yoga teacher:

TwoFishFavicon“I have been taking private yoga classes here for about 8 months and I just want to say that I have never made a more important commitment in my life.  The teacher is so thorough and patient, yet pushes me each time and I am in awe of what I have learned, of what I can actually do and of my new lifestyle in general.  I couldn’t have done it alone and I am so grateful that I found this studio – and will stick with it for a long time!!  🙂” – Diane Jarrett, San Diego, California


TwoFishFavicon“Heidi is the best yoga teacher I have had. She is obviously knowledgeable about yoga but more importantly very approachable and friendly. Heidi’s classes not only benefit you physically but mentally and spiritually as well. She is very passionate about yoga and takes her work seriously, yet she maintains a mood of levity and fun with terrific music. Every time I leave her class I feel so amazing.  I highly recommend Heidi to anyone who is at any level of Yoga.” -Daniel Ukropina, San Diego, California


TwoFishFavicon“I’ll start off by saying that I may quite possibly have the tightest, most inflexible body of all time.  With a very active lifestyle, I’ve noticed that the more the years add up the less my joints and muscles cooperate on a daily basis (and I’m young!!).  Not good.  I finally decided that it may be a good idea to embrace Yoga as a means to enable me to continue to enjoy my lifestyle for many many years to come without a tense, broken body.  Considering the embarrassment and lack of attention I would likely get from the large public setting, I looked to an alternative approach.  Heidi’s private studio became my first Yoga experience, and remains my goto destination.  She carries a lot of valuable experience which she can readily share with students of all experience levels.  I’ve learned that there are a variety of benefits to gain from regularly practicing Yoga, and Heidi can tailor sessions to focus on those which appeal to you most.  My knees, leg muscles, hips, and lower back (as with many males) stood out as areas that needed attention.  Considering this, in addition to my (in)experience level with Yoga, Heidi created Yoga sequences to fit my needs.  Throughout lessons she is very attentive to my postures and makes corrections to ensure I am properly executing as to maximize gain and not hurt myself! I highly recommend trying out Heidi’s private Yoga studio.  Whether you are experienced or a rookie, you will enjoy yourself, learn something new, and come out of it feeling more relaxed, healthy, and in tune with your body.” -Tim Charland, Del Mar, California


TwoFishFavicon“Heidi effortlessly blends her fitness and yoga training into approachable classes. She communicates with her students in a clear and warm manner and constructs thoughtful yoga sequences that leave her students wanting more. Heidi encourages those around her to reach their full potential and is truly a light of inspiration.” -Caitlin Rose Kenney, Colorado


TwoFishFavicon“Heidi is a dynamic, strong and flexibile person and brings these qualities to her teaching which can be adapated to your needs, Heidi can be gentle but also firm, and is able to energise and get the best from her students.” -Tania Plahay, London


TwoFishFavicon“Heidi, your spirit and smile when teaching translates to such an inspiration for students. Working through asana with you was an incredible pleasure. Thank-you for teaching me 🙂” -Danita Harty, Canada


TwoFishFavicon“Heidi is a strong, centred, confident and knowledgable teacher. Above all though, her classes are enjoyable. What more can you want from a teacher?” -Catherine Kiekebosch, Australia


TwoFishFavicon“I really enjoyed all the classes with Heidi. She gave me a lot of inspiration and I loved the style of her teaching. Thanks so much, Heidi, it was a great pleasure for me! Love and all the best for her and her future students.” -Tessa Leonhardt, Germany


TwoFishFavicon“I found Heidi to be a very competent teacher & would highly recommend her classes!” -Cedar Sorensen, Canada

















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