Yoga Retreats Bali Announces Charity Benefactor

In a concerted effort to continue our commitment to helping others, Yoga Retreats Bali has announced it will name a charity benefactor that will receive 10% of the proceeds from the 2013 Bali Yoga Retreat, being held April 28-May 4, 2013 in Ubud, Bali. old to new home build

Pak Berag is very excited with his new home. It has a small bedroom and terrace with wooden fired stove. Nothing fancy but significantly better than before.

After extensive research, the team is excited to name as our charity of choice. The reason we chose this charity was simple, in a country that is notorious for charity fraud, is an organization where you can actually SEE exactly where the donation money is being spent. In their case, it is to help rid Bali of poverty.

Excerpt from the website “about us” page:

BaliCharity.Org is an initiative brought by Private Leisure International as one of its sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) program dedicated to alleviate poverty in Bali. At the initial stage funding is mainly come from certain procentage taken from each and every sales we made, before cost. It was taken out of income, not profit.

We do understand that so much we are eager to help, alone we can only make a very small impact. Therefore we designed it as an initiative, which means we encourage anyone to contribute in any way they can. For Private Leisure’s holiday rental and tour clients who are interested to get involved the company will provide a complimentary car, driver, and guide so you can visit them, ask them what they need, and make your donation yourself. We also encourage our partners and vendors to get involved in our programs.

Regardless the rapid growth of tourism industry as the main economic wheels of Bali and we continuously seeing increasing number of luxuryous facilities both for visiting tourists and local residents, there are still a lot of people living far beyond the poverty level. Pay your attention to look at them and you feel guilty for wasting a lot of fortune on tertiary needs whilst there are a many struggling to cover just their basic needs. helps local impoverished kids

Wisna, Private Leisure International’s Managing Partner, who sit in the middle

We really wanted to give back to the people we have come to love and to a genuine organization that is actually making a difference in the lives of local people on Bali. This is why we chose to name as our charity benefactor. After the retreat, we will donate 10% of our proceeds to to help with their continued efforts against poverty in Bali!

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